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Morbius 2022

Morbius 2022

A new Marvel legend arrives.Mar. 30, 2022United States105 Min.PG-13
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Morbius Movie By 123movies

Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Michael Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease. Watch Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free.

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Sony’s long awaited Morbius has finally come out and critis did not feel good about this movie at all. Critics are throwing lowest rating on rotten tomatoes. Now that introduction is over let’s talk about the plot So Morbius stars Al Madrigal. He plays a cop. He’s investigating a series of murders in which people’s blood have been drained I’m kidding but it should have been the begining, he was the best part of the movie. No. This actually stars Jared Leto as Michael Morbius. Watch Morbius 2022 full movie 123movies free download no registration.

The movie Stars Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius aka Morbius The living vampire, a superhero cum villain. It’s a film adaptation of the character Michael Morbius. He has a blood condition in this movie. He’s worked his entire life trying to find a cure. He finds that cure. That cure turns him into a living vampire. Watch Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free This movie is supposed to come out a couple of years ago and then lockdown. Now no one really cares. And there was a big red flag here. You see the embargo dropped. See all these reviews drop at the same time, right.

The embargo for the reviews lifted about 12 hours before the public could see this movie could be one of a couple of things. One, they have the biggest comic book movie reveal bombshell in history. Michael Keaton‘s in the trailer, He’s not even in the movie. He could have been in the post-credit scene that may or may not have been in this movie. I didn’t stay for it. I didn’t care. I didn’t give a f*ck or two the studio knows this movie’s terrible and they don’t want you to know until you’re in the movie theater watching the movie now. Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, he was fine.

At this point. I’m kind of sick of making excuses for Jared Leto, but as it stands, as the character, he was fine. I mean, for someone who’s known for playing eccentric roles, Michael Morbius, the living vampire, is one of his least eccentric roles in the past few years. That’s the Jared Leto world we live in. The living vampire is the normal one, but when he is Michael Morbius dealing with this thing, that could have been more interesting than it actually was.

Watch Morbius 123movies Online

A lot of the stuff in this movie is like the concept is interesting execution. No, but that’s when it’s most interesting. And then, you know, he gets super monster face and then CGI fights and it’s much more boring, partly because this is the most edited for television, theatrically released vampire movie I think I’ve ever seen. At first it was kind of there was a story based reason for it because Michael Morbius has come up with synthetic blood. You’re like, Oh, that’s interesting. I have questions, probably more questions than I should want to ask in a movie like this, but whatever. But then it shifts from, Hey, we’re showing how smart Michael Morbius is to the real reason they have synthetic blood. It’s because they can’t have Michael Morbius drinking real blood. Because that is for. Rated R movies. I mean, they’re in those blood transfusion donor bags, you know, but it’s blue blood.

That’s not red blood. Apparently, someone in the higher ups of Sony felt that was more palatable for P.G. 13 audience. I don’t know. I wasn’t in the room, but I really think that’s the reason, because if you wanted to show blood, that doesn’t really work as well as pure human blood. You could have just had animal blood. I mean, it’s been done in 100 vampire movies Watch Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free before. It’s also more interesting than Fake Blue Blood, more interesting than MacGuffin Blood that you make up to make this movie less violent.

Watch Morbius 123movies Online

And even in the action sequences when morbius at first we just like Morbius is out watch Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free. Now he’s just living vampires beyond his control. He just shreds up a bunch of people. I used Shred very loosely. What I mean is he slashes at them and you hear the glug glug glug of blood like like blood supposed to be coming out, but it’s just not there Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free. I imagine they were like, Yeah, we’ll fill it in with CGI because right at our movie, here we come. Oh, it’s PG 13. Sweet. We can still do that. We can’t. I guess we’ll keep the sound effect of blood gushing and then just not have it gush and have no blood on screen at all.Watch Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free so there was even one scene where it looks like he’s slashing somebody but isn’t really hit them. And then they were like, Oh, I was like, Did he throw something on them? Because they’re in a lab after all, you know, I thought he threw like, here’s a pathogen.

But then after more non violent slashes of no blood, but they’re supposed to be blood. It was like, no, I’m just pretty sure he slashed them and they bled to death but didn’t bleed at all. I mean, there’s a little bit of blood. There are scenes where it’s like, Oh, this blood. And then you just bled to death from what looks like a very inconvenient cut. Yeah, it’s just. It was weird. It was weirdly edited. I mean, from the get go, from the intro of this movie, they’re clearly just throwing a bunch of information at you in the shortest amount of time possible Watch Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free, and that usually doesn’t bode well. A movie usually feels rushed when they do that with their set up, and so is the case here.

But the thing is, it doesn’t stop. There are pacing issues throughout this movie. I get it. Pacing. You’ve got to thread the needle, man. There’s this Goldilocks zone when it comes to pacing. If it rushes by too quickly, scenes don’t have enough time to Watch Morbius 2022 123movies Online Free. Then it just seems like a bunch of scenes that are stitched together feel sloppy, feels rushed, feels like morbius. But if it drags on too long, movie feels boring, audience starts getting restless.

I suggest if you want to watch a superhero flick then just go for the Marvel’s Moon Knight Episodes. It’s the best Show streaming right now.

Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Morbius 2022
Original title Morbius
IMDb Rating 5.2 94,718 votes
TMDb Rating 6.448 2,182 votes



Jared Leto isDr. Michael Morbius / Morbius
Dr. Michael Morbius / Morbius
Matt Smith isMilo / Lucien
Milo / Lucien
Adria Arjona isMartine Bancroft
Martine Bancroft
Jared Harris isDr. Emil Nicholas
Dr. Emil Nicholas
Al Madrigal isAgent Alberto Rodriguez
Agent Alberto Rodriguez
Tyrese Gibson isAgent Simon Stroud
Agent Simon Stroud
Joe Ferrara isBush Pilot
Bush Pilot
Charlie Shotwell isYoung Michael
Young Michael
Joseph Esson isYoung Milo
Young Milo

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